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Law Enforcement & Fire

Okmulgee County District Attorney Rob Barris has filed multiple felony counts against Joseph Mark Nick, 53 and Janine Louise Kramer, 44, both of Okmulgee. The pair were arrested Monday March 6, on several felony complaints, including possession of a controlled dangerous substance, possession of firearm while on probation and possession of drug paraphernalia.
Nick and Kramer allegedly were spotted at a downtown Tulsa cafe, and observed drinking alcoholic beverages, which is in direct violation of their terms of probation. This incident occurred on Friday, March 4. On Monday, probation officer Mike Stacy called Nick into his office and conducted a random drug test, which Nick failed. A search warrant was issued for Nick's home. This search uncovered evidence of CDS, drug paraphernalia and firearms. The possession of firearms is also a violation of Nick and Kramer's terms of probation.
On Tuesday afternoon, Nick and Kramer appeared before Special Judge Cynthia Pickering. Bond was set at $101,000 each. The defendants were ordered by Judge Pickering, to reappear at 3:00 p.m., Friday, March 8. At this hearing, they were to learn if the DA planned on filing felony charges against them.
At the Friday hearing, Nick was represented by John D. Maley. Kramer's attorney is Steve Barnes, of Eufaula. Judge Pickering has set the discovery hearing for Nick and Kramer at 9:00 a.m., April 11. Nick is facing three felony counts. Barris has filed three felony counts against Kramer and also one misdemeanor count for possession of drug paraphernalia.
Both defendants remain free on bond.

(Photo provided by the Okmulgee County Jail Roster)

Long-time Okmulgee real estate broker, Joe Nick, 53, was arrested late Monday afternoon, on several felony complaints, including Possession of CDS, Possession of a Firearm after Former Felony, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Maintaining a Residence where Drugs are Kept/Sold. Also arrested was Janine Louise Kramer, 44, Nick's alleged girl friend. She is facing 2 counts of Possession of CDS, Possession of Firearms AFC and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

According to officials on Friday evening, March 1, 2013, Nick and Kramer were observed at a Tulsa restaurant drinking alcohol. This is in direct violation of both Nick and Kramer's probations. Probation officer Mike Stacy called Nick into his office on Monday morning, to talk about what had happened on Friday night. At this time, Stacy performed a drug test on Nick and he tested positive for Methamphetamine.

A search warrant was issued for Nick's home, located at 5 East Lakeshore Drive, in Okmulgee. Officer Stacy, Officer Mike Snyder and Officer Amy McGuire searched Nick's home, along with the drug dog handled by Snyder and uncovered CDS, paraphernalia and firearms. Nick and Kramer were placed under arrest and transported to the Okmulgee County jail. Bond was denied at the time of their arrest.

Nick and Kramer appeared via video from the jail before Special Judge Cynthia Pickering at 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday, March 5.

Kramer's bond was as follows: Count one-Possession of CDS $35,000, count two Possession of CDS $35,000; Possession of Firearm AFC $30,000 and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia $1000, for a total of $101,000.

Nick's bond was set at $50,000 for the Possession of CDS complaint, $50,000 for Possession of a Firearm AFC and $1000 on the Possession of Drug Paraphernalia complaint, also totaling $101,000.

Nick and Kramer have been ordered to reappear at 3:00 p.m., on Friday March 8. At this hearing, they will learn if the District Attorney will file felony charges against them.

Nick and Kramer were sentenced 33 days ago in Okmulgee County District Court, on similar charges. They were placed on probation. In view of these new complaints, the DA could make application to accelerate the prior convictions.

Thursday, 11 October 2012 00:42

Family quarrel results in shooting

After a report of a shooting, Okmulgee sheriff deputies were dispatched to the residence of Willie Antwine at the 11000 block of N, 160 Rd. Tuesday afternoon.

Once on scene, it was discovered that the victim was Antwine’s son, Timothy Antwine, who had been shot with a .22 caliber and had already been transported to the Okmulgee Memorial Hospital by vehicle.
Sheriff Rice said it appeared a family quarrel had taken place, which resulted in the shooting, however the victim has declined to file charges.

Chief Deputy Smokey Patchin and Investigator Robert Heath began an investigation into the incident and are still collecting facts about the case. The victim was treated at Okmulgee Memorial Hospital and released.  No one has been taken into custody at this time.

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