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Sunday, 26 March 2017 14:29

Rob Robertson Resigns from City Council

By Betty Anderson

The Council voted to accept the resignation from Rob Robertson as Council Member for Ward IV and announced the vacant position. They will determine at a later date whether to fill the vacancy by appointment or call for a special election.
As stated in the City Charter.


Section 14. By Appointment. If, for any cause, a vacancy or vacancies exist on the city council, said vacancy or vacancies may be filled by a majority of its remaining members within sixty (60) days of the occurrence of said vacancy. Said interim appointment to be only for the unexpired term of the office filled.

Section 14-A. By Election. In the event the city council does not fill vacancy or vacancies on the council, in the manner provided in the preceding paragraph, within sixty (60) days from the occurrence of said vacancy, then and in that event the city clerk in the manner hereinafter provided shall call an election to fill said vacancy or vacancies for the unexpired term of said office.

Section 14-B. Election-How Called. When any office on the city council shall have been vacant for a period of sixty (60) days, the city clerk shall prepare and sign a certificate so stating, giving the date of the occurrence of said vacancy, and the date of said office by appointment. Copies of said certificate shall immediately be distributed to all council members and the city manager and the original entered on the minutes of the next regular or special council meeting. Concurrently with the entry of said certificate on the minutes of the council, the city clerk shall present to the council a “call for election”. The original of said call shall be entered upon the minutes of the council, said call for election shall specify the purpose of said election, designate with particularity the office or offices to be filled thereby, and fix the date of said election, which in no event shall be more than thirty (30) days subsequent to the entry of said call. The call for election shall be published not less than ten (10) days (2 publications) before the election date in a newspaper of general circulation in the city of Okmulgee, Oklahoma.