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Thursday, 02 March 2017 03:32

Chuck Pyle of Jinglesmith Productions Creates Okmulgee Jingles

IMG 2597
Pictured, left to right: President Lion R.C. Morrow, Chuck Pyle, and Program Chairperson Lion Heather Sumner. Photo by Dean Craig. 

By Dean Craig - Okmulgee Lion

The mood for Tuesday's Lions Club meeting was one of light comedy, audience participation, and nostalgia in remembering catchy jingles and commercials from past years of yore, presented by Chuck Pyle, creator/owner of Jinglesmith Productions. Chuck was brought to our attention by Paul Brown, who had met and worked with Chuck when Paul was working with the Okmulgee radio station. He was also in attendance for Chuck's presentation.

Chuck began his "musical career" while still in high school by playing in several bands and, in fact, had begun writing songs. After several "career jobs", one of his friend who owned a business asked Chuck to write a jingle/song for his business campaign. So, sitting down with his guitar, he wrote the campaign ad in about 30 minutes, played it for his friend, and was immediately hired to go on a campaign tour, private jet and all the works. Thus, began the beginning of Jinglesmith Productions in 1976. He stressed that even though we might not like certain company jingles, we all know them and remember them. For example, he started jingles by Camel and Winston cigarettes, Oscar Meyer wieners, etc., and the audience could finish most of them. Of course, in 1973, cigarette ads were being removed from commercials by the government due to health hazards and concerns.

He sang a jingle for a funeral home, made from three Lions' members names (Tiews-Vaughn-Kennedy), even though Gary Volz (Schaudt's Funeral Home) was in attendance. Then, a jingle for a Mexican restaurant made up of three names suggested by the audience. Next, a jewelry store jingle taken from names of our cook and helper (Rissler-Caudle Jewelry Store). All were "catchy and witty, designed to catch your attention. Of course, the two best were jingles for the Lions Club and "Okmulgee Rising", as follows:

Being a Lions Club member himself made it easier to write about without much research. And who better to serve as program chairperson but Mainstreet Director, Lion Heather Sumner. What a fun and enlightening program, full of enth_siasm--the only thing missing Is u. Why don't u join us?? "WE SERVE".


They're movers and shakers, they get things done!
The big rainmakers, having lots of fun!
Doers and dreamers with a heart to share!
Okmulgee Lions Club is beyond compare!

Providing eyeglasses, helping kids to see!
You find a need and fill it, and take the lead!
For pancakes and sausage, raising money for the cause!
Okmulgee Lions Club, like a dose of hot sauce!

Your teamwork is effective and efficient!
Your hundred years of service is profound!
Your catered meals each week are so delicious!
With 2nd and 3rd helpings for Paul Brown!
Okmulgee's best and brightest are two thumbs up!
The movers and the shakers........join us!
The movers and the shakers, Okmulgee Lions Club!


Come together Okmulgee Rising
Our hometown spirit's alive again!
With innovative leaders and creative people
As we walk together, everybody wins!
With great events and celebration,
And the good life that we share
Our loyalty to community is beyond compare!
Come together Okmulgee Rising
Our hometown spirit's alive again!

We support our Mainstreet merchants,
And local businesses large and small
Reaching out to attract new business to our town!
With fresh ideas and a heart to win
Bringing jobs and growth
Back home again!
Feel the momentum building
We're Okmulgee proud!
Come together Okmulgee Rising
Our hometown spirit's alive again!

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(Photo by Dean Craig)