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Wednesday, 18 January 2017 20:03

Technology Services is working to save Money for the City of Okmulgee

By Betty Anderson

Marty Williams, Directory of Technology Services/Planning and Zoning Department and his crew work regularly to keep the computers and all of the technical aspects of the City running smoothly. He fixes the computers, networking and printers in the city but is currently working on a project to save the city money with the lighting for the various areas.

Williams said, “We ordered replacement LED lighting for five places in the Library to test them out.” He went on to say, “Everyone involved was very happy with the look of the fixtures, the amount and quality of light they gave off and the ease of installation. These lights will be installed as time allows and will decrease the amount of time and money spent on replacing malfunctioning CFL bulbs. The average life of these fixtures is 50,000 hours which should give us an average lifespan in the range of twelve to fifteen per year. Over time, this should save a substantial amount of money, in electricity, replacement bulbs and man-hours spent in working on the fixtures.”2017 01 17 MartyWilliams

Williams continued, “Due to increasing amount of money being spent on the utility bills, we’ve been analyzing the bills and rate structures in detail. We’ve cancelled several electric accounts that were no longer needed, but had not been disconnected. We’ve also identified several possibilities where we can change the rate code that certain meters are charges under and by modifying plant processes at the Wastewater Plant we can significantly reduce our costs.”

He stated, “We also worked with Wastewater plant personnel in helping them to run their aerators in a more energy efficient manner, utilizing equipment that was already in place.” Williams said that the crew at the Wastewater plant is now trained as to how to operate more efficiently. In working with the City’s PSO Representative, Williams will have the plant operating the lifts out of peak hours which will be a considerable savings of utility expense. At this time William said the savings are between $5,000 and $6,000 in electricity costs per month and he is working towards getting them down to approximately one half of what they were paying.