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Monday, 22 July 2013 20:55

Profits that kill

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Philip Morris International (PMI) proudly announced its 2nd quarter earnings Thursday morning. For most companies, a positive earnings report is a day to celebrate. For PMI, it should be a day of shame, because PMI is in the business of selling the only consumer product that, when used exactly as intended, kills.

Let's get some perspective on PMI's numbers for 2012:

  • PMI's Share of the Global Market = 16.3%
  • Total Number of Deaths from Tobacco in 2012 = 6 million
  •              (more than 2x the population of Chicago, IL)
  • PMI's 2012 Death Toll = 978,000
  •              (more than the population of Austin, TX)
  • PMI's 2012 Earnings = $14.2 billion
  •              (more than 100x what the U.S. FDA spent on anti-tobacco campaigns in 2011)
  • PMI's Earnings per Death = $14,519.00
  • PMI spends billions on marketing, influencing politics, and hiring lobbyists to maintain this death rate.

Action on Smoking & Health (ASH), on the other hand, relies on the generosity of its donors to fight PMI, to stand up for health, and to save lives.

By working around the world for strong tobacco control laws and to expose the tactics of the tobacco industry, ASH is helping to change the fate of 100s of millions of people. We have already seen much progress, but the fight is far from fair...and far from won.

PMI announced no anticipated global profit losses, but with your help, that can change!

Please support ASH's life-saving work.