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Wednesday, 16 October 2013 10:53

Would you keep this employee?

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Rourke's World by Norm Rourke

If you had an employee who lied, cheated, defrauded, took bribes, did a lousy job and was disloyal would you keep them?

Probably not.

But the American people continue to “hire” career politicians who do all these things and have the arrogance to ask to be re-elected. Unfortunately too many voters do just that! They send the same people back to office who continue to spit in voters’ faces by their irresponsible actions forgetting who pays their salaries and who put them in office.

The recent crisis—we’re governed by crises anymore—over the budget, debt ceiling, Obamacare and anything else these pompous fools can conjure up has cost the American taxpayer $9,000,000 per hour. That’s $9 MILLION dollars an hour! Or to put it another way: $215+ MILLION per day! That’s money wasted from lack of jobs being done, salaries paid to people to do those jobs, money not being circulated into the economy. And just when our economy is beginning to show a few healthy signs of recovering from a recession, career old fool jackass politicians (both sides have them) bring on another crisis.

Thomas Jefferson said: “A little rebellion now and then is a good thing.” Perhaps voters should stage a rebellion in 2014 when most of the congress will be up for re-election. Instead of voting for the same people again, get rid of them. What’s the point of re-electing them if they continue to defy you the voter and do what they please even bringing the country to brink of economic disaster?

Unfortunately, voters soon forget and send the same people back to Washington where they live lavish life styles, enjoy power lunches at posh eateries, play political games that bring them perks from special interest groups and are generally unconcerned about the folks back home. In short they just don’t care what you think as long as they can live the high life filled with photo ops, rubbing shoulders with power brokers and generally bilking the American voter for all they can get out of them.

And you thought Bernie Madoff was a crook? These worthless bums make Madoff look like a choir boy.

It’s time Americans said enough is enough. We’re tired of going from one crisis to another. We’re tired of partisan bickering and a do-nothing government. We’re tired of paying the bills for all this stupidity.

Demand better. Demand your representatives’ do their jobs or you’ll throw them out. Demand term limits to get rid of the deadwood, the career politicians, the smug arrogance displayed by elected representatives who think they are royalty.

2014 isn’t that far away. It won’t be long before these arrogant jerks will return to their districts to con voters into re-electing them. They will talk about a “broken Washington.” Of course it’s broken. THEY broke it! They will tell you how they understand your concerns. Do you really believe that? They will talk about “shared values.” Really? They only values they have are how they can continue to bilk you so that you continue to pay for their gamesmanship.

They count on your short memory, knowing that you have other pressing matters to worry about; taking care of your family, paying your bills, keeping your job. And they know you won’t remember how they damaged the economy and set it back with their stubborn arrogance. They know you’re too busy trying to keep your head above water to keep up with their shenanigans.

Don’t fall into this trap.

You are not defenseless.

You CAN do something about it:


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