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Paul Orosco Photojournalist

Paul Orosco Photojournalist

(Photo by Paul Orosco - Chief Photographer)

"Neither rain, nor sleet, nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds"

Lanny Beavers has been delivering mail in Okmulgee area for the last 40 years and 6 months...but he said "who was counting".

Today is his final day delivering mail and will retire to begin relaxing. He has always lived up to the postal carriers motto and the residents of Okmulgee will miss Lanny's dedicated service.

Lanny, thanks for your service to Okmulgee and have a long Happy Retirement!

Thursday, 02 October 2014 17:21

A good Samaritan and an owl named Preston

April Swatsenbarg on her way to take two of her children to school in Preston. She normally doesn't take old highway 75 to Preston, but she on this particular day she did.

As fate would have it, she saw this Barred owl aka Hoot owl laying on side of the road and it was still alive. Her first instinct was to take care of it which she did. She brought it home, cleaned it and then took it to Dr. Gill Graham's. According to Swatsenbarg, all during this time the owl was clam and seemed to know someone was looking after it.

After a bit of treatment at Graham Veterinary Hospital in Okmulgee, April thought it was proper to give the owl a name and so she called it Preston.

The owl was transported to the Wildlife personnel and Preston is expected to live a normal new life in the Okmulgee woods again.

A call was dispatched to the Okmulgee County Sheriff's office that a suspect in connection with stolen goods was on site at a local flea market.  The deputy was in the south end of the county and there was a possible chance the suspuct could leave.  So the Okmulgee Police was then dispatched to assist with the call.  Officers were able to apprehended the suspect, Jerry Glenn Key, who was selling stolen items that belonged to Tommy Putman from some Storage Units.

Items came up missing this past Wednesday afternoon.  Putman said "On a gut feeling" he went to the Cottonwood Flea Market located south on Highway 75 to look around.  He spotted his stolen items and called law enforcement.  

He said another unit was also broken into next to him.  Of the quick inventory at the Flea Market, Putman said "50% of the items are still missing".

Key was booked on charges of, 'Possession of Stolen Property and Obstruction'.

Photos by Paul Orosco - ONN Chief Photographer

First National Bank employee Sharla Stephenson in photo, draws Rob Barris's name for the CASA Playhouse.  This donated children's playhouse was used as a fund raiser for CASA.

CASA is the only non-profit agency authorized to advocate for the best interests of these child victims. CASA volunteers hold dearly the belief that there are no hopeless children, only children who have yet to experience hope. They work with the children, their families, the courts and the child welfare system to help find the children safe, permanent homes as quickly as possible. CASA volunteers are everyday people just like you. They are teachers, retirees, stockbrokers, construction workers and stay-at-home moms. The only special background or equipment they have is the heart to care for the most vulnerable children in our community, and the
determination to do something about it.

Photos by Paul Orosco ONN Chief Photographer

Weaver Life Flighted to a Tulsa Hoaspital - Photos by Pau Orosco ONN

About 6:15 p.m. Monday Okmulgee Police responded to an emergency call.  When they arrived they found a  Boxer dog named Chance turned on its owners mother-in-law, Cheryl Weaver age 68 also diabetic. Apparently Weaver went by herself in the back yard where the dog was kept and for unknown reasons the dog attacked. Weaver tried to defend herself deflecting the dogs attack with her arms.68-year-old Okmulgee lady attacked by dog at her home

A neighbor, who wished not to be identified, spoke to ONN's reporter Paul A. Orosco. She reported that she was in her back yard two doors down and heard loud cries for help. She went to the front of her house in attempt to see where the cries were coming from and determined they were coming from the Weaver's house at 1315 E. 13th St, Okmulgee. She went to the front of Weaver's home and heard even louder cries for help. She dialed 911 immediately. Okmulgee police responded very quickly to the scene.

Meanwhile, husband Robert Weaver age 78, came home and went immediately to back of house through the garage backdoor to help. He too was charged by the boxer and knocked down. He encountered scratches to his arms (as seen in Photo).

An officer had to shoot the dog for the safety of the Weavers.  The dog was between 3 to 4 years old and owned by the Daughter in Law Laurie Perry who lives with Weavers.

Mrs. Weaver was Life Flighted to St. Francis hospital for surgery. Mrs. Weaver was in stable condition and talking to paramedics at time of flight. She had many wounds on her arms and as a result lost a lot of blood at the scene. The Paramedic came back to the scene and reported he hand the bleeding under control when they got to the to the hospital. (Photo right depicts blood from Weavers wounds)

The dog had not been a problem in past and owner Laurie Perry was at a loss why her dog would attack the mother-in-law. An officer told Cheryl the dog would have a routine necropsy.  Standard necropsy will check to determine if an animal has rabies.

In photo (L-R) is Athletic Director Kevin Gordon, Track Coach Gary Robbins, Coach Kevin Rucker and Coach Dwight Pankey. Photo by Paul Orosco - ONN Chief Photographer

Brittany Stallings has been an Okmulgee High School track stand out since her sophomore year. Today she signed a National Letter of Intent with Big XII Oklahoma State University.

Some of Brittany's accomplishments are becoming a state champion in the 200 meter Dash, 800 meter Relay, and the 1600 meter Relay.

Stallings has been an outstanding student and champion for Okmulgee High School. Coach Robbins expects another championship year from her in her final track season.

Brittany's said her long range track goal is, "I want to compete in the Olympics". Her mother, Marva Stallings, is quite proud of her daughter Brittany as they signed Letter of Intent.

Mayor Stephen Baldridge signs the grant proposal for submission. Bobby Howard represents the Trail Committee and well as the Okmulgee County Wellness Coalition.
Photo by Paul Orosco Chief Photographer - ONN

The Okmulgee City Council held a special meeting on Thursday, January 30 at 8:30am to consider submission of the proposed multipurpose trail grant application for Hawthorn Park. Hawthorn Park is located by the Okmulgee Primary School.

Dr. Ed Osborn, a member of the Circle of Friends Trails Committee made a presentation to the council about the proposed project. The council unanimously endorsed submitting the trail grant proposal to Oklahoma Tourism Department. The Hawthorne Park Trail is part of a future vision that will eventually connect all city parks by way of multipurpose trails.

Obesity is an epidemic spreading from community to community in Oklahoma as well as the United States and Okmulgee County is currently the fourth most obese county in Oklahoma. The proposed Hawthorne Park trail is an effort to make physical activity safe and accessible to more people.


Mayor Steve Baldridge announced today, the reactivation of the Okmulgee Parks and Recreation Board. The purpose of the reactivation was for the city to better serve the Okmulgee community.

The board will continue to provide the citizens of Okmulgee with parks that are clean and appealing. Okmulgee takes pride in its parks and hope that you and your family will enjoy the beauty of the city's 10 city parks and walking trails in Okmulgee.

The new board will be soon will be planning some future upgrades to some of the present Okmulgee city parks. The goal of the board is to get Okmulgee citizens back in the parks to enjoy outside activities.

The Parks and Recreation Board members (L-R) Vice Chairman Rae Ann Wilson, Mary Lewellen, Paul A. Orosco Chairman, Mayor Steve Baldridge and Gena Ballard.

The Christian Motorcyclist, Okmulgee Chapter will lead the "2nd annual Christmas Toy Run" this Saturday, November 23. The lineup begins at 11:00 a.m. at the Okmulgee Wal-Mart Super-Center, 1800 Wood Drive.

The ride begins at 12:00 sharp, a scenic route is planned for the ride and ends the Crosstown PH Church, 1206 W. 5th St. "The ride fee is an unwrapped toy for children of all ages."

All vehicles are welcome to come along for the ride or you can drop off an unwrapped toy at the Crostown gym Saturday between the hours of 12:00 and 1:00 p.m.

Lunch will be served by Massey's BBQ and drawings for prizes. Special thanks to the following sponsors for this event are Crosstown Church, The Christian Motorcyclist Association, Massey's BBQ, Wal-Mart and The Salvation Army.


Pastor Gregory A. Richardson speaks with students each Friday morning at Prayer Before the Bell - Photos by Paul Orosco - ONN

For the past 15 years Pastor Gregory A. Richardson, Pastor has been conducting "Prayer Before the Bell" services on Fridays for the Okmulgee Middle School students.

It is strictly voluntary for the students to attend, but they come back week after week to listen to Rev. Richardson's positive affirmations. Occasionally he has a guest speaker to speak on a positive subject to the students. He always welcomes speakers, if anyone is interested in speaking to the students. Rev. Richardson usually starts out with students reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, the Lord's Prayer and he gives a short invocation.

He reminds the students, they are going to have a good day at school and to study the best they can to achieve the best grades they can. Friday morning Nov. 15 he was asking students to help raise $ 1,000 for the Hurricane victims in the Philippines.

The program receives no state or federal funding, but he receives a $75 monthly donation from another church in Okmulgee. A lot of times he contributes the rest out of his own pocket to meet the breakfast expenses. The small donation helps with the cost of the breakfast he provides to those that attend, today there were over 30 students in attendance.

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