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Kiley Wayne Johnson is set to appear in court for his pre-preliminary hearing later this month. Johnson is charged with 8 counts of larceny of domestic animals- a felony. Each of these charges carries a sentence of 3 to 10 years in Prison.CattleTheft

According to the charges, Johnson, who is 19, allegedly stole 22 cows and calves over a five month period, ranging from November 2014 till April 9, 2015.

Jeremy Delacal, 20, also of Henryetta has now been charged in connection to this case.

Johnson and Delacal are said to have acted together, with three minors ages 16 and 17, to steal and sell the stolen animals at livestock markets in Checotah, Hugo, Okmulgee, and Bristow. The initials of the minors are J.Z.T, R.L.H, and E.O.H

Bond for Delacal was set at $25,000.

johnson kylieBart Perrier, Special Agent with Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers association, states that the investigation has led to the discovery of two additional victims.

Both Johnson and Delacal are set to appear before The Honorable Judge Pandee Ramirez at 9 a.m. on July 30.

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The Okmulgee Police Department responded to a call from The Dowry, located at 106 S. Morton. At approximately 9:30 Friday morning, employees Sherry Robertson and Leslie Priegle noticed the smell of smoke and a haze inside the building.

“It smelled like burnt wiring at first” states Robertson. With further investigation, Priegle and Robertson discovered the upper floors of the building filled with smoke and called 911.

After an assessment by the Okmulgee Fire Department, it was discovered that the smoke did not come from within the Dowry, but from the small studio housed between Ike’s Downton Pub and Eatery and The Dowry. The fire was said to have been started at around 10:30 Thursday night by incense that had been burning inside of a potted cactus plant, causing the mulch within the pot to be set ablaze.

No damage was reported in any of the structures effected by the smoke. The owner of the studio was not available for comment.


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A water leak was discovered at approximately 7 p.m. on Thursday near the corner of Central and 6th street in Okmulgee. Okmulgee Water and Sewar replaced a 10 inch main line that had developed a crack and was pushing water and debris into 6th street. Valves have been shut off while the repair is taking place and hydrants are being drained to help resolve any back flow into the pipe.

IMG 7543

IMG 7541 IMG 7542

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The Okmulgee Police say two men came into the emergency room at the MCN Medical Center in Okmulgee late Tuesday evening July 7, around 9:52 p.m. suffering from gunshot wounds.

When officers arrived they spoke to Preston Lewis and Samuel Love both of Okmulgee who both had been shot in their lower extremities. They were being treated for non-life threatening wounds.

According to Police Chief Joe Prentice, neither was willing or able to describe the shooter. One victim told officers he heard shots but did not see anyone shooting. The the other victim told officers he heard what he thought was fireworks and later realized he had been shot.

Both stated the incident occurred in the area of First street and Porter street, but could not provide an address. Officers went to that location where they discovered 8 shell casings in the street. The investigation is ongoing and there are no suspects at this time.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Okmulgee Police Dept. at 918-756-3511.

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OKMULGEE, Oklahoma - The Okmulgee County District Attorney cleared two Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers who shot and killed a Tulsa pastor in May.

The troopers killed Nehemiah Fischer during a struggle on May 29, 2015.

District Attorney Rob Barris says the use of force was legally justified. Barris says he based his decision on numerous witness statements, statements from Fischer's brother, the troopers radio logs and video from the trooper's dash cam.

Barris said when the troopers told Nehemiah Fischer and his brother, Brandon, to leave their truck that was stuck in fast-moving flood water, Nehemiah charged at one of the troopers, knocked him to the ground and held his head under the water.

He says independent witnesses reported both brothers were intoxicated.

Brandon Fischer is charged with assaulting an officer and public intoxication.


Officer involved shooting occurs during water rescue

OHP to release video in trooper-involved shooting death

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it, state Rep. Donnie Condit reminded his legislative colleagues Thursday.

Several state lawmakers were outraged when the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled 7-2 recently that a Ten Commandments monument on the north side of the state Capitol violates the Oklahoma Constitution.

In response, Rep. John Paul Jordan, R-Yukon, joined by 13 Republican Representatives and Sen. Rob Standridge, R-Norman, filed House Joint Resolution 1036 for consideration next year by the Legislature. The resolution would send to a vote of the people a proposal to repeal the controversial provision.

Article II, Section 5, of the Constitution decrees that, “No public money or property shall ever be appropriated, applied, donated, or used, directly or indirectly, for the use, benefit, or support of any sect, church, denomination, or system of religion, or for the use, benefit, or support of any priest, preacher, minister, or other religious teacher or dignitary, or sectarian institution as such.”

“…the issue in the case at hand is whether the Oklahoma Ten Commandments monument violates the Oklahoma Constitution, not whether it violates the Establishment Clause” of the U.S. Constitution, the Oklahoma Justices wrote. “Our opinion rests solely on the Oklahoma Constitution with no regard for federal jurisprudence.”

Striking Article II, Section 5 from the Constitution would indeed enable the Ten Commandments monument to remain right where it is, Condit acknowledged. It also would open the door to others who might want to erect a monument to, say, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism or Zoroastrianism, or even Satanism, Condit speculated.

The McAlester Democrat pointed to a Tulsa World editorial that suggested an alternative idea: “[T]he safest solution is a simple constitutional amendment that says, regardless of the language in Article 2, Section 5, a monument to the Ten Commandments shall be maintained on the state Capitol grounds to commemorate the biblical roots of U.S. law.”

Besides calls for repeal of Article 2, Section 5 of the Oklahoma Constitution, some legislators recommended impeachment of the seven Justices who ruled against the Ten Commandments monument.

Condit and other members of the House Democratic Caucus, however, noted that all Oklahoma appellate judges answer to state voters at the ballot box, via retention ballots. “Options other than impeachment are available to the citizens of Oklahoma,” Condit said.

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Hi, this Kelley and Bill Love of Yellow Stand Fireworks: we would like to take this opportunity to say a very heart felt "thank you " to all of our faithful customers, as well as all the new faces we saw this year. Your business is so very important to us: your life situations also matter to us. We do consider our family business, though it be seasonal, to be a lifeline for so many people. As you bless us by coming in, we are also able to bless YOU by giving a few extra minutes to let you know that you are MORE than a customer: you are important to God as well.

I have a few stories I would like to share: these are just a few examples of how we can ALL be used by God, if we just open ourselves up to do so, simply by "listening "....

There was a man who came in to the stand one day, really, really in a good mood... you would assume by his attitude, he had no worries; quite the contrary. As I asked him what he was looking for, he explained to me that his brother's birthday was the 1st of July and they ALWAYS celebrate with a LOT of BIG fireworks, and then I found out his brother passed away at an early age; this man was obviously hurting. Trying to move forward each year, and yet burdened down with the memories of what he no longer had, "his brother".

There is another man who comes in every year, and has since we opened up 7 years ago. He has the responsibility of 14 children to take care of. These all range from his grandchildren to his nieces and nephews. When he comes in, we know beyond the shadow of a doubt, he will need to make his money really count so that he can give these kids, 1 year old up to 17, a good 4th celebration. He doesn't complain by expressing how much he has to do, he simply embraces what God has given him to do in this life, and makes the best of it. We enjoy knowing we can be a blessing to him.

I could go on with more stories, but rather I would like to end with a true compliment to what we do at Yellow Stand, and why we do it. I think this last story will sum it up:

This year, we had a young man come to work for us we have both known for quite some time: we actually originally met him as a youngster in church, years ago and have stayed in contact. As he was working with us, he began to see things and hear things that apparently made him proud to say he was part of our bunch! I will paraphrase his words he said, "you guys really seem to have a good time here... you seem to have a repeat business of loyal people who genuinely love you" I have never seen a fireworks business with a local family who had a cookout, and brought some to the stand! This boy watched us, our every move: told Bill, Matt and I that our customer service to all was outstanding... he was impressed to say the least. He also let us know he would gladly come back and do it again next year.

We never know "who" is watching us, and how they perceive what we do. The bible says "we will be known by our fruits of the spirit". We can lead others simply by setting a good example to follow.

I didn't say any of this to brag, by no means. I myself was impressed that someone noticed "enough to tell us about it" We give the glory to God.

Thank you again, and God bless you in the remainder of the year, and in the year to come. We look forward to seeing you all in 2016!


Bill, Kelley and Matt Love
Yellow Stand Fireworks

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The Okmulgee YMCA Swim Team swam hard at the 62nd Annual Tulsa Swimaroo to compete against the best in the Tulsa Metro. Those who placed first through third place earned medals, while those who placed in fourth through eighth received ribbons.

Madelyn Amador earned a medal and two ribbons by placing second place in the butterfly, fourth in the breaststroke, and eighth in the freestyle. Piper Nix placed eighth in the breaststroked, Jameson Brison placed sixth in the breaststroke, Cody Shipman placed fourth in the breast stroke and sixth in the freestyle, Gage Thomason received a second place medal in the butterfly and the freestyle. Thomason also received third place ribbons for the back stroke and the breast stroke.

The team meets next in Claremore on Monday, July 13.

Swim Medals

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OKLAHOMA CITY – For a second consecutive month, and the fourth time this fiscal year, monthly Gross Receipts to the Treasury were less than collections from the prior year, State Treasurer Ken Miller announced at a State Capitol news conference on Wednesday.

June gross receipts fell slightly below $1 billion and were 3.9 percent less than in June of last year. Collections from the production of oil and natural gas dropped more than 54 percent below the prior year.

“The state economy is certainly feeling the impact of the oil price downturn,” Miller said. “Gross production numbers have been below prior year collections for six consecutive months, and it appears we are seeing spillover into other revenue streams – especially motor vehicle and sales tax collections.”

June gross production collections are from oilfield activity in April, when West Texas Intermediate crude oil was selling for $54.45 per barrel in Cushing. Oil prices peaked at more than $107 last June and bottomed out at less than $45 in late January. Prices are currently hovering around $60.

Sales tax collections – often viewed as an indicator of consumer confidence – dipped below the prior year for the third time in four months. Income tax collections rebounded from May and exceeded the prior year by more than 3 percent, and motor vehicle receipts were marginally higher than last June.

Gross receipts for Fiscal Year 2015 total $11.98 billion, with a growth rate of 2.5 percent compared to FY-14. While the rate of growth in 12-month collections has remained positive for more than five years, it is currently flattening out. At the end of FY-14, the rate was at 4.1 percent, rose to 5.1 percent in September, and has generally gotten smaller since.gross receipts

Gross production finished the fiscal year almost 19 percent below FY-14. Motor vehicle collections also finished below the prior fiscal year, down by 2.6 percent. Income tax and sales tax receipts showed fiscal year growth of 6.5 percent and 2.7 percent, respectively.

Other indicators

Oklahoma’s unemployment rate rose 0.2 percentage points to 4.3 percent during May. Six of the state’s supersectors reported job losses with the energy sector posting the largest drop. The national unemployment rate was set at 5.5 percent in May.

Oklahoma City metropolitan unemployment increased 0.4 percentage points to 3.8 percent in May, while Tulsa’s jobless rate jumped 0.5 percentage points to 4.3 percent. Unemployment increased in all but two of the state’s 77 counties.

The Business Conditions Index for Oklahoma in June remained below growth neutral for a second consecutive month, slipping to 46.9 from May’s 47.0. Numbers below 50 indicate economic contraction is expected during the next three to six month.

June collections

Receipts for June set gross collections at $999.36 million, down $40.79 million or 3.9 percent from June 2014.

Gross income tax collections, a combination of personal and corporate income taxes, generated $406.92 million, an increase of $12.56 million or 3.2 percent from the previous June.

Personal income tax collections for the month are $307.8 million, up $5.77 million or 1.9 percent from the prior year. Corporate collections are $99.12 million, up by $6.79 million or 7.4 percent.

Sales tax collections, including remittances on behalf of cities and counties, total $364.65 million in June. That is $11.97 million or 3.2 percent lower than June 2014.

Gross production taxes on oil and natural gas generated $35.91 million in June, a decrease of $42.41 million or 54.1 percent from last June. Compared to May reports, gross production collections are down by $2.12 million or 5.6 percent.

Motor vehicle taxes produced $69.39 million, up by $42,000 or 0.1 percent from the prior year.

Other collections, consisting of about 60 different sources including taxes on fuel, tobacco, horse race gambling and alcoholic beverages, produced $122.49 million during the month. That is $979,000 or 0.8 percent more than last June.

Twelve-month collections

Gross revenue totals $11.98 billion during FY 2015. That is $287.66 million or 2.5 percent higher than collections from FY 2014.

Gross income taxes generated $4.4 billion for the period, reflecting an increase of $269.78 million or 6.5 percent from the prior fiscal year.

Personal income tax collections total $3.8 billion, up by $205.76 million or 5.7 percent from the prior fiscal year. Corporate collections are $579.44 million for the period, an increase of $64.02 million or 12 percent over the previous period.

Sales taxes for the period generated $4.46 billion, an increase of $116.27 million or 2.7 percent from the prior 12-months.

Oil and gas gross production tax collections brought in $697.85 million during the fiscal year, down by $162.26 million or 18.9 percent from the previous year.

Motor vehicle collections total $766.25 million for the year. This is a drop of $20.2 million or 2.6 percent from the trailing fiscal year.

Other sources generated $1.65 billion, up $84.07 million or 5.4 percent from the previous 12 months.

About Gross Receipts to the Treasury

Since March 2011, the Treasurer’s Office has issued the monthly Gross Receipts to the Treasury report, which provides a timely and broad view of the state’s macro economy.

It is provided in conjunction with the General Revenue Fund (GRF) allocation report from the Office of Management and Enterprise Services, which provides important information to state agencies for budgetary planning purposes.

The GRF receives about half of the state’s gross receipts with the remainder paid in rebates and refunds, remitted to cities and counties, and placed into off-the-top earmarks to other state funds.

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This year’s fireworks show was a huge success in spite of an unexpected mishap. The city’s fireworks show is prepared by a group of trained and licensed pyro technicians comprised primarily of city employees from the IT Department and Police Department. Each individual shell is loaded into a specially designed firing tube and is then wired to a radio controlled firing module. The city’s show includes 3”, 4”, 5”, 6”, 8” and 10” shells, as well as static set pieces such as the flags.

Early in the show, an apparent defective 6” shell went off inside the firing tube which caused the rack to catch on fire. The fire quickly grew and began setting off other shells while still inside the rack. Fire Department personnel and a pyro technician responded to address the fire. Fire Fighters were able to extinguish the fire and prevent further premature detonation. Once the field was cleared of personnel the show resumed and went off without any further interruption. It was a great show, enjoyed by many.

According to Police Chief Joe Prentice, "The unexpected fire, although dramatic did not threaten any of the audience. It does however provide an opportunity to explain certain steps taken by the pyro crew when preparing for a show."

"We restrict access to the south end of the park and block off the pedestrian bridge once shells have started being loaded. Only trained and licensed personnel are authorized to be in this area while shells are loaded. We create an appropriate amount of separation from the firing tubes and the spectators to ensure safety of the audience in the event of problems such as the one that occurred during this year’s show," Prentice said.  "We hope everyone enjoyed the show and look forward to seeing you all next year."


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