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Okmulgee Swim instruction at Okmulgee YMCA Photo by Paul Orosco - ONN Chief Photographer

Did you know that modern swim instruction was invented at the YMCA? Maybe this is why so many people have learned to swim at the Y, and continue to come back to enjoy our outstanding facilities.

And did you know that modern swim safety programs were invented at the YMCA? This must be why so many people rely on the YMCA to keep their families safe.

The Aquatics programs of the YMCA of Okmulgee are about more than just the techniques and skills; they are about building friendships, developing self-esteem, and creating positive experiences that will last a lifetime.

Brian Thomason, Fireman and Pastor Richard Manning, Calvary Baptist Church are coaching a YMCA swim team.

In their regular line of work as a pastor and fireman, technically some may say they are both  "First Responders". They are teaching the competitiveness of swimming and their students are working hard while having fun at it.

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Alec Bryd-overall fastest finishing time.

When most people are sleeping late or staying in, some get up and ride a spin bike for 10 miles, run 2.7 miles and then swim 225 meters.   That is exactly what over 20 participants did on July 13, 2013 at the Okmulgee County Family YMCA.  

Participants as young as 10 years old to over 60 year competed in the event.  Husbands and wives, sons and dads, and even grandparents came out to support the hosting of the first Okmulgee County Family YMCA triathlon.  

Triathlons consist of three sport disciplines which are swimming, cycling, and running and allow for any competitor regardless of age or abilities to participate.  The only requirements are determination and the willingness to know that pain will eventually set in, but the overall accomplishment of completing a race will become a memory that will never be forgotten.  

The Okmulgee YMCA Pool staff,  Program Director Angel Smith, and head volunteer and sponsor of the event Thomas Parsons,  put many hours into the new event and were extremely excited to see everyone that came out, even the spectators.  The goal of the event was to show that fitness can be a family event, fun, and exciting all at once. One family that participated covered three generations with grandmother, son, and grandson all participating. Several husband and wife combinations also raced against each other.  With continued support The Y hopes to put on more events like this and truly appreciates the support that the community provides.  Many of the triathlon participants also sponsor and volunteer their time to fitness classes, coaching children’s sports and various other YCMA programs and services.  

Every finisher received a finisher’s medal with the following participants finishing in first place in the respective category.   Madison Parsons age group 10-15, time-1:01:01 (member of the Okmulgee YCMA swim time). Alec Byrd age group 16-20, time- 45:51  (member of the Okmulgee YMCA swim team).  Joshua Jones age group 21-26, time-47:58 (Okmulgee YMCA Lifeguard Staff and OSU Student).  Jayme Nick age group 27-32, time- 1:06;34.  Anthony Byrd age group 33-40, time- 51:10 (YMCA youth coach for sports).  Biff Bell, age group 50-59, time- 51:58.  Melinda Byrd, age group 60+, time- 1:05:28.

Special attention is deserved by the following individuals that recorded outstanding finishing times or participation.  Madison Parsons, youngest competitor, age 10.  Alec Bryd-overall fastest finishing time.  Alec Bryd along with his father Anthony and grandmother Melinda all finished as division winners.  Sherri Parker was the overall standout among the woman with a finishing time of 48:01. Sherri would have won her division, but her husband Tramper Parker (2nd overall) edged her out.

These are the list of competitors who entered the event:  Ken Adair, Biff Bell, Ian Bell, Alec Byrd, Anthony Byrd, Melinda Byrd, Amanda Cummings, Kyle Cummings, Keli Hill, Wayne Johnson, Joshua Jones, LeTisha LeBlanc, Jayme Nick, Robert Nick, David Parker, Sherri Parker, Trampas Parker, Madison Parsons, Linda Peeler, Kent Porske, and Lisa Watson.  We would like to thank each of you for your dedication, determination, time and effort that you put in for training and competing in the triathlon.  Also, we would like to thank all the Creek Nation Pool Staff (Christyn Barnett, Khalea Giles, Audesha Jones, Lakin LeGrand, Melissa Liges, Aaliyah Lowery, Cheyenne Rodrigues, and Timothy Williamson) and all other volunteers that helped make the event a success.

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Wednesday, 26 June 2013 08:14

YMCA Swim Team Kicks Off Season

The 2013 Okmulgee YMCA Swim Team is now two meets into their season and has increased in size by double the number of swimmers from 2012.  The team is comprised of a strong returning group and a group of eager youngsters ready to learn.

The first meet, held at Tulsa Park’s Reed Pool on Monday, June 17th started the season.  Team results are as follows:
Mixed 15-18 year old 200 Meter Free Relay
1st Place – Cody Jackson
          Gage Thomason
          Seth Roberts
             Clint Newton

Girls 7-8 year old 25 Meter Free
4th Place – Piper Nix
5th Place – Leslie Abbott

Girls 9-10 year old 25 Meter Free
6th Place – Abigail Force
9th Place – Erin Howell
10th Place – Madison Parsons

Boys 9-10 year old 25 Meter Free
8th Place – Noah Matthews

Girls 11-12 year old 50 Meter Free
10th Place – Savannah Baldridge

                                                                           Veteran swimmer, Clint Newton prepares for his 50 Meter

                                                                           Freestyle race.

Boys 11-12 year old 50 Meter Free
2nd Place – Gage Thomason
9th Place – Seneca Roach
10th Place – Jesse Roach

Boys 13-14 year old 50 Meter Free
4th Place – Seth Roberts

Boys 15-18 year old 50 Meter Free
1st Place – Clint Newton
2nd Place – Cody Jackson

Girls 7-8 year old 25 Meter Back
4th Place – Piper Nix
5th Place – Kylie Force

Girls 9-10 year old 25 Meter Back
4th Place – Abigail Force
7th Place – Madison Parsons

Girls 11-12 year old 50 Meter Back
2nd Place – Savannah Baldridge

Boys 11-12 year old 50 Meter Back
1st Place – Gage Thomason

Girls 9-10 year old 25 Meter Breast
5th Place – Erin Howell
8th Place – Madison Parsons

Boys 9-10 year old 25 Meter Breast
8th Place – Noah Matthews

Boys 11-12 year old 50 Meter Breast
3rd Place – Gage Thomason
8th Place – Jesse Roach
9th Place – Seneca Roach

Boys 13-14 year old 50 Meter Breast
4th Place – Seth Roberts

Boys 15-18 year old 50 Meter Breast
1st Place – Cody Jackson

Boys 15-18 year old 50 Meter Fly
1st Place – Clint Newton

                                                                                        Eleven year old Gage Thomason, surveys the pool

                                                                                        before his first race of the 2013 season.

For more information contact:
Amy Nix
Okmulgee YMCA Swim Team Publicity
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Wednesday, 06 March 2013 15:17

YMCA Campaign efforts to improve facility


Okmulgee YMCA is raising funds for their facility in their 2013 campaign.

Each week volunteers for the Okmulgee YMCA meet to turn in their campaign donations they have solicited and received from businesses and individuals from Okmulgee County.

The campaign is going well, but more funds will be needed to support the YMCA's efforts. A lot if new equipment was purchased from last years contributions. There are high hopes to improve the center with this years funding in order to keep Okmulgee with the latest family recreation facility.

In the following film clip is Angel Smith from the YMCA and Rundy Patterson. Chair Persons for the 2013 campaign.


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