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Steven Baldridge for Mayor

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Honest, Responsible Leadership for the Future...That's Steven Baldridge!

Hear what he has to say.....


Last Letter before election:

1. What has the reaction been to you from the citizens about your campaign for the mayor’s office?
I have had a very positive reception from the citizens of Okmulgee. I appreciate the continued support of my lifelong friends and my new friends that I have made during this campaign for Mayor.
One point that is clear, Okmulgee Citizens want positive change for our community. They also believe that Okmulgee can be a better place for all of us.
2. What is the most important thing you offer the citizens to earn their vote for this important office?
I have experience working with the City of Okmulgee and working for the Citizens of Okmulgee. Currently I have over 5 years of experience as a Councilman including 3 terms as Vice Mayor. Additionally, I have extensive management experience with several Fortune 500 Companies. I have completed Non Commission Officer training in the United States Army. I have also completed the IBM Leadership Excellence Program in Boulder Colorado, and most recently, I have completed the Leadership Okmulgee program. I have, and will continue to promote Okmulgee to future businesses. I have, and will continue to develop relationships with  OSU IT, Green Country Technology, Okmulgee Memorial Hospital, Okmulgee County, Muscogee (Creek) Nation, Okmulgee Area Development Corporation, Okmulgee Public Schools, Okmulgee Chamber of Commerce, Okmulgee Lions, Okmulgee Elks, Okmulgee churches, Okmulgee Homeless Shelter, Okmulgee Service League, Okmulgee Education Foundation and the College of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation. I have served on the Okmulgee Elks board, Vice President of the Okmulgee Education Foundation, and 5 years on the Okmulgee County Jail Authority representing the City of Okmulgee.   
3. Why did you decide to seek this office in 2013?

After serving on the City Council for 5 years I recognized that many improvements I would like to see made can only be accomplished while serving as Mayor.
4. What are the three issues that need immediate attention in Okmulgee - and what specific actions do you plan to address these issues?

Water system:
Upgrading our Water System has to be one of our highest priorities for Okmulgee.  After we replace the current water pipe we can then overlay the streets by using our Public Works crews
A complete study has to be initiated and reviewed to identify the most cost effective and efficient way to clean up our water distribution system. It will require a project plan to ensure efficiency and cost effectiveness.  
City clean up:
I insist on aggressively enforcing City Ordnances pertaining to unkempt yards and dilapidated structures.
I have suggested we bring in another code enforcement agent to help with the workload.
The City also needs to work harder on maintaining the sidewalks that we have spent millions of dollars on.
We must ensure that trash is picked up on a scheduled or as needed basis. Also, the weeds need to be sprayed to keep Main Street sidewalks presentable. We can use a commercial vacuum for sidewalks and look into purchasing a sidewalk sweeper for our main areas. We need to consider helping home owners manage dead trees in the right of way of our city streets. This would help our image considerably and would prevent possible accidents. I would also like to see previously proposed Granite “Welcome to Okmulgee” Signs on both ends of our City. This would be long a lasting advertisement and would project a better image as visitors drive through.
Economic Development :
Develop pre-approved incentives to attract new business and industry to Okmulgee.
This will include investment from the City of Okmulgee to industry or businesses to our area.
We will promote current City assets like our $30 Million dollar airport, Okmulgee State Park, and our OADC Industrial Park. We must contact airfreight companies and other aircraft related businesses and encourage them to relocate to the Okmulgee Airport. We should continue to work with OADC to build better relationships with our business partners in Okmulgee.
I will create a new City of Okmulgee website and develop a process to publish public information for our Suddenlink TV station.
5. What other comments would you like to share with the citizens prior to this election?
As I have stated in my previous articles, I would like to open an office in City Hall that is accessible to the Citizens of Okmulgee. My intent is to have an open door policy on Tuesday afternoon. Our Government is for the people and by the people. We all make up Okmulgee and as Citizens we have the responsibility to ensure that our resources are managed and taken care of. As a representative of the citizens I want to provide open and honest representation.  

Most of all I want to thank the citizens of Okmulgee for allowing me to serve you as a Councilman and Vice Mayor.

It truly has enriched my life and given me an avenue to use my passion to help others.
Steven R, Baldridge
Vice Mayor City of Okmulgee



Letter 1

Dear Citizens of Okmulgee,

I, Steven Baldridge am honored to run for Mayor of the great city of Okmulgee. I have been proud to serve as your City Councilman for the past five years and Vice Mayor for three terms. Although I believe I have been effective in my position, I am convinced that I would be even more effective to represent you in the Mayor’s office. I am committed to furthering the prosperity of Okmulgee and am unhappy with our poor economic expansion and the lack of new business interest in this city which is ripe for growth. Okmulgee is in a prime geographic location, close to Tulsa and Oklahoma City, and should be doing much better economically. Although the Okmulgee Area Development Corporation is working hard to secure industries in Okmulgee, the City government needs to develop pre-approved Incentives to help draw new business and retain existing businesses in Okmulgee. I have, and will continue to be committed to aggressively pursuing new business interests to our wonderful city.

I served 3 years in the United States Army as a Sergeant and Computer Engineer. After completing my Army service I was a Computer Engineer at Honeywell serving as a Senior Systems Engineer for 14 years. Afterwards, I was employed by IBM in Tulsa for 10 years as a Manager and Team Leader. While at IBM, I graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Information Technology. In 2012 Hewlett Packard hired me as their Global Service Manager. I currently manage India, Europe and the Americas. During my professional career I attended the U.S. Army NCO Leadership Academy, IBM Leadership Training in Colorado, and Okmulgee Leadership.

I have always been very involved in the churches in our community. I have worked hard to support their programs to improve the community. In addition I have served the Elks Lodge as the Chaplin.

I am committed to the education of our children and have fully supported Okmulgee Public Schools by serving as Vice President of Okmulgee Education Foundation. My children attend Okmulgee Public Schools and I am dedicated to preserving the high level of education that our teachers provide.

During the summer of 2012 I participated as a Tech Angel for Youth Force supervising youth from all over Oklahoma. During this revitalization project Youth Force cleaned up and repaired over 21 homes. Other community groups that I have been proud to be a part of include the Okmulgee Lions Club, Okmulgee Chamber of Commerce, and Friends of Okmulgee Library. I am dedicated in preserving the history of Okmulgee and have been a member of the Okmulgee Historical Society.

I have had the privilege of serving the City of Okmulgee on the OCCJA (Jail Board) for the past 5 years and have come to appreciate the hard work that Sheriff Eddie Rice, Chief Joe Prentice, Executive Director of the jail John Martin, and their staff fulfill on a daily basis. I will do all I can to strengthen their strong efforts to keep our community safe. We must do more to teach our youth that obtaining an education is very important and will make a positive difference in their lives.

I have a strong relationship with our college, Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology, Green Country Technology, and the Muscogee Creek Nation. All three of these groups are essential to the well-being of our City and should be supported aggressively.

I would appreciate your vote, and if elected, you should view me as a friend who is looking out for your individual interests. I am not interested in “ruling” over the City. I want to hear your input concerning problems and ideas on how to improve Okmulgee. I am available to you anytime and welcome your input on anything that could positively affect our city. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter, and I appreciate your support.


Steven Baldridge

"As Your Mayor, I pledge to do my best and bring fairness and common sense to our city."

  • City Councilman for 5 years - Vice Mayor for 3
  • Served as Vice President of the Okmulgee Education Foundation
  • Involved in Angel for Youth Force, Cleaned up and repaired over 21 homes
  • Okmulgee Chamber of Commerce Member
  • Lions Club Member
  • Friends of the Library Member
  • Okmulgee Historical Society
  • OCCJA Board for the past 5 years
  • Committed to furthering the prosperity of Okmulgee
  • Will work with OADC to develop pre-approved incentives to draw new business & retain existing business in Okmulgee
  • Will aggressively continue to pursue new business interest to our wonderful city
  • Committed to the Education of Our Children & fully supports Okmulgee Public Schools - dedicated to preserving the high level of education that our educators provide


Letter 2

Dear Citizens of Okmulgee

Thank you for your support in the February Election.
I would like to thank Mayor Brian Priegel for his years of service to the City of Okmulgee. I would also like to thank all voters for participating in the political process by exercising their right to vote.

As most of you are aware, this is a critical time in determining the future of the City of Okmulgee. I have touched on many of my ideas in the past I would like to revisit some of these ideas. During my time on the council I have been supportive of the improvements that we so desperately need in Okmulgee. We have gotten off to a good start but much work is still needed.

Last month the City completed a comprehensive water study on our distribution system and water storage. This study will help identify and prioritize main line replacements throughout the City.  As you know the City has worked on our storm water system and our sewer system to ensure Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality compliance. At this point we are able to start focusing on the water distribution system. This will resolve the brown water conditions that we currently have.  As city crews replace main water lines we will then be able to fix and repave our city streets.

I have had many citizens who are concerned about the appearance of our city, specifically unkempt yards and dilapidated structures. We will be much more aggressive in enforcing our current ordinances related to these problems. I am also proposing a community work force that will work on picking up trash and overall community improvement.

Soon after the election I plan on establishing a Mayor’s Office in City Hall with an open door policy for all citizens. I will also be accessible on Social Media (Facebook) for comments and real time conversation. I believe that our City government should be open and transparent to our citizens.
I look forward to speaking to you again over the next few weeks before the April 2nd Election.

Steven Baldridge
Vice Mayor, City of Okmulgee

(Paid for by the committee to elect Steven R. Baldridge for Mayor)